Federal Energy Tax Credit

Tax Credit

AA Advance Air can provide you with the latest central air conditioning systems and heat pumps that can qualify you to receive tax credits from the government. Not only will you receive a tax break, but these high efficiency units can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill each year.

The tax credits for energy efficiency have been extended into 2011, but the rates have dropped.  However, consumers can still take advantage of some significant savings.  The federal government offers a 10% tax credit on certain energy efficient equipment up to a $500 value. You get $300 back for an individual air conditioning unit. 

The most you can get back from the government is $500 total.  If you have already gone over $500 from 2006-2010 then you are no longer eligible for further tax credits.  The following building materials are also eligible for the tax credit: roofs, insulation, doors, water heaters, and windows.

The property containing the HVAC equipment must be your existing primary residence.  Unfortunately, new construction projects and rentals do not get the benefits of this tax credit.  There are other restrictions that apply. 

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