Commercial Services

Our Commercial Services

AA Advance Air has been a leading Commercial HVAC service company for over 30 years.

Commercial Services

From our Pompano Beach office we service Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Our technicians live throughout the area and whenever possible work in the territory closest to their homes. In this way they become familiar with the equipment in their area and response time is reduced.


Our service and maintenance department consists of sixteen vehicles total. Eight demand service trucks and eight planned service or scheduled maintenance trucks. The demand service trucks are fully stocked with as many of the most commonly used replacement parts as space limitations will allow. The planned service trucks are stocked in a different manner, with emphasis on the materials necessary to perform comprehensive preventative maintenance. All are radio equipped with the most current Motorola trunked communication system.

Our telephones are manned and we provide normal service at straight time rates Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Calls at our office after that time are picked up by our customer service person on call (no answering service) and directed to the appropriate technicians on stand by.


A leader in negotiated, design/build and plan/spec new construction markets,AA Advance Air, Inc. provides a full range of sheet metal piping and specialty fabrication services including:

  • Quality engineering design and construction
  • Mechanical systems constructability analysis
  • Conceptual estimates and budgets
  • Value engineering
  • Integrated design build systems
  • Fast track tenant services
  • Electronic project management

Installation is only a small part of our responsibility. Rigorous start up procedures and commissioning combined with operation and maintenance of energy and environmental systems represents our total commitment to our customer partners

In House Capabilities and Personnel Include

  • HVAC equipment and systems installation
  • Uninterrupted renovation services
  • Sheet metal and fiberglass fabrication and installation
  • Piping fabrication and installation
  • Building automation and temperature controls installation and service
  • Computerized design, estimating and scheduling technology
  • HVAC and building automation electrical services
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Up to date knowledge of code requirements and design standards
  • Highly trained and experienced installation and service technicians

We operate out of a 20,000 square foot building in Pompano Beach that houses our office, sheet metal fabrication shop, fiberglass fabrication shop and welding shop. We pride ourselves in bringing exceptional value to our customers by self-performing the overwhelming majority of our projects, by providing design assist and value engineering services and by delivering the highest quality job within budget and on time.

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